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The 4 Basic Steps to Employment, Career Management and Career Problem Solving



The Basic Steps to Employment, Career Management and Career Problem Solving

If employment and career advancement occur as a result of employers recognizing the value a Company can derive from the candidate's education, skills, training and work experience, the candidate must take the following steps:

Step 1 - Operationally define how education, training, skill and work experience fits into the typical business organizational chart as defined by job descriptions;

Step 2 - Research and identify the value of education, training, skill and work experience based on the definition in Step 1 above and the value of that job description in contributing to a company's performance, achieve cost savings, increase revenues and add to profits;

Step 3 - Research and identify the industries, work environments and companies where performance improvements, cost savings, new revenues and profits defined in Step 2 above can be delivered.

Step 4 - Develop a Career Management Plan to achieve the following goals:

  • Take affirmative steps to make the present employer aware of the value being delivered to the Company based on the individual's education, training, skill and experience.

  • Take affirmative steps to be visible to other Companies in the industry by making presentation at conferences, seminars and writing articles for industry journals.

  • Monitor changes in the present Company, work environment and industry.  If an indication of a potential threat to the existing employment relationship surface, take immediate confidential steps to introduce business value to Companies to create alternate employment opportunities.

  • After mastering the skills required for the present job description and role with the Company and demonstrating performance and value to the Company, begin to identify the next step to advancement and take affirmative steps to educate supervisors as to the value that the Company can derive from your promotion to that new job description and role.

  • If opportunity for promotion is blocked in your present company, take affirmative steps to introduce your value to alternate Companies where openings for advancement may be available.

Step 4 - Always take affirmative steps to negotiate any change in your employment status whether it be a promotion, change in employment or termination from employment.  The primary goal of employment  negotiations is to protect and derive equitable respect and reward for the value being added to the employing company.


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