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Vision Statement



The CPSS Vision

Career Problem Solving Services bases the delivery of its services on a unique vision.  That visions is:

"Employment and new business opportunities come to those who are know to have the education, experience, talent, skill and ability to deliver significant business value to a new employment relationship or business opportunity!"

The challenge facing Clients with a need for Career Problem Solving Services is to understand the "business" value they can bring to an employer or a new business opportunity, and engage in the strategy that introduces that business value to target employers and business opportunities in a manner that causes them to recognize the value and the benefit that can come from entering into an employment relationship.

Traditional "Job Hunting" approaches fail because they are not focused on the introduction of value, but on the need of the job hunter for employment.  They ignore the importance of the basic economic principle of "supply and demand."

In contrast, Career Problem Solving Services are based on understanding and manipulating the theory of supply and demand, targeting only those opportunities where value can be delivered.  It is the goal of our service to create "demand", while avoiding the communication that will result in reducing the ability to leverage value by the Client being perceived as being "in supply."

For this reason Career Problem Solving Services limits service to only Clients that have been pre-qualified.  To determine if you are qualified for Career Problem Solving Services, complete the Pre-Qualification Information Form.  If you are considered qualified, Career Problem Solving Services will advise you regarding the Client Registration Process.

Thank you for your interest in our unique services!

Dr. John T. Whiting, Principal Consultant

Career Problem Solving Services



Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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