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A Free Service to those With a Need for Quality Support

The Career Counseling Services are provided to clients Free of charge so that individuals with limited resources can capitalize on resources that they might otherwise not be able to justify investing in or afford. 

The delivery of services by the Career Counseling Service have both time and resource costs associated with them that can only be paid by the generous contributions and donations made by satisfied clients who have received a benefit from the services and from friends who would like to help ensure that the services are available to new clients in the future.

Offering free assistance can only continue if there is sufficient financial support to make them possible.  If you wish to help you can make a donation by clicking HERE.

    Those interested in learning more about the Career Counseling Service can review the information on this web site, contact the founder and/or complete an Personal Information Form by clicking HERE


Not an employment agency nor does Career Problem Solving Services provide employment agency services.

Career Problem Solving Services provide clients with the knowledge required to take charge of their careers and increase job hunting success.  While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this web site CPSS acknowledges that there may be some errors on this web site.  By your use of information on this web site you agree that neither Career Problem Solving Services, nor its agents shall be held liable for any errors that may be found on this web site.  If you become aware of an error on the web site please contact Career Problem Solving Services to advise us of the error by completing the comment form.

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