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Mission Statement

Career Problem Solving Services is committed to providing state-of-the-art scientifically based career problem solving services to qualified executive, professional and mid-level clients.

The services provided are based on over 20 years of service to Fortune 500 corporations, the Federal Government, the National Football League (NFL) Players Association and individual clients.

It is the Mission of Career Problem Solving Services to help qualified clients:

  •  Gain maximum respect and recognition for the value of a Client's education, talent, experience and ability;

  •  Protect a Client's career from damage due to changes in the economy and in their select industry through an affirmative action strategy;

  • Overcome involuntary unemployment;

  • Negotiate fair and equitable termination and new employment agreements;

  • Develop and implement career advancement and job hunting tools based on scientific analysis that define a Client's distinctive business value to target employers and business opportunities;

  • Design and implement effective and memorable communication, interviewing and opportunity development techniques and strategies based on scientific analysis;

  • Provide assistance in researching and identifying employment and business opportunities for Clients interested in career advancement;

  • Be available to provide counsel and advice as career opportunities and problems emerge and change.

"Success is assured when an individual takes responsibility for the affirmative steps required to protect a career from damage and to get their talent introduced to employers and business opportunities based on scientific analysis and a compelling business proposition that can have a real impact on the employer's performance."

Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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