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The CPSS Employability Survey

The CPSS Employability Survey was developed to help clients identify the degree of difficulty they may face in seeking new employment, changing careers or advancing their careers.  It is a tool that will help identify weaknesses in an individuals "Employability Profile" which can guide the process of career training and development.

Take the CPSS Employability Survey and then press "Submit" when you have completed all of the question.  Your CPSS Employability Survey will be scored by a member of the CPSS staff and you will be contacted using the contact method you selected with the results of your test.

Read each question carefully and provide the answer that best represents your personal status.  There are no "right or wrong" answers. 

Your Name:

   Telephone #:    e-mail address: 

Address:    City:   State:   Zip Code:

Part 1 - Education

1. Education level? High School   College  Graduate School
2. College(s) Attended?
3. College Degree(s)?
4. College Honors?

Part 2 - Employment History

5. Employment status Employed   Unemployed
6. How long?
7. Who was your most recent employer?
8. Industry (e.g. Banking, Construction, Chemicals, Real Estate, etc.)?
9. What was your most recent job title?
10. What was your most recent salary?
11. How many times were you absent from work last year?
12. How many times were you late to work last year?
13. How many times have you been promoted?

Part 3 - Previous Employment History

14. Please list previous employers, most recent first.
15. Please list additional industries you have worked in.
16. Please list previous job titles, most recent first.
17. Have you ever been terminated/separated? Yes   No
18. If "Yes" briefly explain

Part 4 - Leadership History

19. Have you ever had profit & loss responsibility? Yes   No
20. If "Yes" briefly explain
21. Have you ever had entrepreneurial responsibility?   Yes   No
22. If "Yes" briefly explain
23. Have you ever had business turnaround experience?   Yes   No
24. If "Yes" briefly explain
25. Have you ever had to manage rapid business growth?   Yes   No
26. If "Yes" briefly explain
27. Have you ever had to manage a business decline?   Yes   No
28. If "Yes" briefly explain
29. Have you ever had to manage a business startup?   Yes   No
30. If "Yes" briefly explain

Part 5 - Business Impact Profile

31. Have you ever achieved a reduction in business costs? Yes   No
32. If "Yes" How much (in $)
33. Have you ever achieved an increase in business revenues? Yes   No
34. If "Yes" How much (in $)
35. Have you ever achieved an increase in business efficiency?   Yes   No
36. If "Yes" briefly explain

Part 6 - Abilities/Disabilities

37. Do you have any special business abilities? Yes   No
38. If "Yes" please list and briefly explain
39. Do you have any business or personal disabilities?   Yes   No
40. If "Yes" please list and briefly explain
Please provide any additional information that might help CPSS understand your career needs/priorities:
* Required              

Thanks for completing the Free CPSS Employability Survey!

Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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