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Companies make employment decisions when they become aware of a candidate who has the ability to have an impact on company performance, generate significant cost benefits, reduce costs and increase profits.  This ability has generally come from the individual learning how to produce quality results in a business environment based on having been exposed to specific life experiences such as:

  1. Education and/or the mastery of specific business, technical, professional or mechanical skills

  2. Previous work related experience

  3. Exposure to problems requiring disciplined decision making and problem solving skills

  4. A track record of reliability, dependability and consistency of performance

  5.  Challenges that require leadership, team work and cooperation to produce quality results

The degree to which an individual has these life experiences and can demonstrate them to new business opportunities will determine the level of employment interest that will come from prospect employers.  The higher the level the greater the potential for employment.

The Career Problem Solving Services Employability Scale (CPSSES) can help a candidate determine the degree to which he may (or may not) be attractive to potential employers.  It is also a useful tool in identifying weaknesses in an individuals profile that can be a deterrent to advancement, thus providing direction in defining career goals that can increase the prospects of career advancement.

Ask about the benefits that can be derived from taking the CPSSES as the first step in identifying career goals, seeking new employment or pursuing career advancement.


Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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