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Career Change Services

The Value and Benefits of Career Change Services

Career change can be achieved by anyone with the desire and motivation to take the steps required to change careers successfully. 

To be successful in changing careers it is necessary to acquire the knowledge and the skills required to perform the duties and responsibilities that define the specific jobs that are available in a new career (e.g. a photographer must know how to take quality photographs; a newspaper reporter must be able to identify news worthy subjects and write about them following a reporter's protocol; a school teacher must have the knowledge of the subject being taught and a teaching certificate; a salesperson must know about the value of the products being sold and the sales techniques that will lead to success in selling the product; and a lawyer must have the necessary college degrees, passed the bar in the state, and have the skills to represent legal clients in court).

However anyone with the desire to make a career change, the commitment to take the necessary steps to make the change and the innate personal qualities can make a career change.

Career change can be achieved in a number of ways that include:

1. Retraining to acquire the knowledge and skills required to deliver value in a news career environment;

2. The adaptation of the knowledge and skills acquired in a past career to a new career where comparable knowledge and skills have value

3. Entry into a new work environment at a low level and acquiring the knowledge and skills required for advancement by day-to-day hands on experience.

What Services Are Provided by Career Problem Solving Services?

Career Problem Solving Services will provide the leadership and advisory support to carry out the decision making, planning and implementation of the program required to achieve the goals of individually controlled career change.

Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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