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Overcoming Unemployment

The best way to overcome the problems associated with unemployment is to develop an Unemployment Prevention Strategy and take responsibility for activating that strategy when signs begin to indicate that a job is insecure.

The basic components of an Unemployment Prevention Strategy include the following:

  1. An employment agreement that includes protection against unemployment

  2. Constant monitoring of the employment relationship for changes that might impact on job security (e.g. a change in supervisor; a change in company ownership; a change in business priorities/products/markets; a decline in the profitability of the company; changes in policies and regulations; etc.)

  3. Maintaining high visibility and quality business contacts in your industry and area of expertise

  4. Taking affirmative steps to create an awareness of your value (e.g. make presentations at industry and trade shows; write articles for industry newsletters and magazines; become a teacher/trainer in your area of expertise; share your ideas with colleagues and industry leaders, etc.)

Career Problem Solving Service will provide advice in the development of an Unemployment Prevention Strategy and will be available to discuss and develop an action strategy when the threat of unemployment occurs.

Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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