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Employment Contract Negotiations

Employers will attempt to hire a new employee at the least cost to the company.  Every new employment relationship has the potential to be improved through thoughtful and and carefully planned negotiations strategy.  The worst thing that can result is that you are telling your new employer that you regard employment as a "business" relationship, you regard your skills as valuable and that you will take actions as an employee that you will look to leverage the best business outcome as an employee.

The ability to negotiate successfully depends on a number of factors that include:

  1. The unique value and availability of your talents in the job market;

  2. The level of need and value your talents will bring to the specific employer;

  3. Who was the initiator of the employment relationship (e.g. being contacted by a recruiter or the company yields more negotiation leverage than if the individual was an applicant for a job)

  4. The value of the employee's talents and skills will bring to the employer (e.g. a person who will bring millions of dollars in value to a company will have greater negotiations leverage than a new hire who will deliver less value)

  5. The employee's ability to protect the company from significant loss or harm)

The elements of the new employment relationship that should be considered as items to negotiation include:

  1. Compensation

  2. Benefits

  3. Vacation

  4. Bonuses

  5. Pensions and/or 401k

  6. Performance incentives

  7. Relationship termination

  8. Ownership of intellectual property

  9. Expenses

Each employment negotiations opportunity is unique.   Career Problem Solving Service will provide advice regarding the development of an employment relationship strategy, the implementation of the negotiations process and getting the outcome of the negotiations transformed into an employment agreement.

Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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