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Career Advancement Services

The Value and Benefits of Career Advancement Services

Entry into and advancement in a career can either be controlled by fate and unpredictable circumstances or by the individual wishing to achieve maximum benefit and reward for his or her talents.

If the career and advancement is controlled by employers, as is traditional, the opportunity for advancement will only come when it is of value to the employer.

If career advancement is controlled by the individual, the individual can initiate actions to advance any time an opportunity presents itself or when skills and experience have been acquired that can produce greater value with broader duties and responsibilities.

What are the benefits of individually managed career advancement?

1. The speed of advancement can be significantly increased!
2. Compensation can be dramatically improved in a shorter period of time!
3. The individual controls career security, not the employer!

What is Required to Manage and Control Career Advancement?

Career advancement can be achieved by setting specific advancement goals and developing a plan that follows a disciplined decision making model such as on the one outlined below:

Step 1 - Status Assessment & Needs Identification

Step 2 - Diagnosis of the Status Assessment Data Documenting the Discrepancy Between the Goal & Existing Status

Step 3 - Prescription of a Plan Based on the Diagnosis & Designed to Overcome the Discrepancies

Step 4 - Implementation of the Prescription Plan

Step 5 - Formative and Summative Evaluation of the Implementation Performance

What Services Are Provided by Career Problem Solving Services?

Career Problem Solving Services will provide the leadership and advisory support to carry out the decision making, planning and implementation of the program required to achieve the goals of individually controlled career advancement.

Career Problem Solving Services is not an employment agency, nor does it provide employment agency services.

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